Packaging for
a sustainable future

Society is built by individuals.
Bring one person happiness, and repeat.
By focusing on the person immediately in front of you,
you start to notice issues for the first time.
Concerns about health, anxiety about food,
the fragility of the environment.
There is no doubt that the clues to resolving
these issues are already within us.
Armed with the packaging technology
we have polished for over a century.
We move forward, where others have never ventured.
Till the day that every person has a smile.

The Toyo Seikan Group’s “OPEN UP! PROJECT” addresses issues as they change with the times to “open up” the future with innovation. We will utilize our technologies that have led the industry for over a century to resolve the issues that burden individuals.


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Innovative package for Tofu, "Salt-off Cup"
contributing to the reduction of salt intake

Healthy Life Expectancy - Prevention against Lifestyle-related Diseases

Excessive salt intake can lead to stroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure and arrhythmia. People become more aware of the necessity to reduce salt in their diets, but the time-consuming and difficulty of measuring make it difficult to take concrete measures. So, Toyo Seikan group develops and proposes a packaging solution that allows people to easily and happily reduce salt intake.



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Seasoning container

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Space exploration

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