Motokazu Udagawa
Fostering innovation within the organization

# Seminar

Date: July 11, 2019
Place: Presentation Room, Toyo Seikan Group Head Office

Ideas alone do not foster innovation

We invited Motokazu Udagawa, Associate Professor at Saitama School of Economics & Management, to give a lecture to company directors about “A collective-effort scheme for breeding innovation within the organization.”
Professor Udagawa touched upon the issues that large companies in Japan face today and stated, “To foster innovation internally, it’s imperative not only to have ideas, but also to analyze from the perspective of internal processes in the organization.”

Technology is a result of the process behind it

“When you consider why a technology exists, there is always a process that produced it and the activities of a positive deviator. If you take inventory of the process and not just the technology itself, it should become possible to drive stable innovation.” The executives in attendance showed appreciation of this approach.

Comment from President Otsuka

“When you speak of innovation, many people link it directly to new business. And new business is a theme that is inevitably brought up at the conclusion of management and core human resource training. But we actually possess strengths, and how we use them is important. Taking notice of that process is sure to spawn many good leads. It is our employees who shoulder how we can evolve packaging, and management must align with them to ensure that they are motivated in their work.”


Motokazu Udagawa

Saitama University
Graduate School of Economy and Management
Associate Professor
Born in 1977 in Tokyo. Dr. Udagawa holds postgraduate degrees from the Graduate School of Economics at Rikkyo University. He specializes in organization theory and strategic management theory. His research focuses on innovative organization practices, social constructivism, narrative approach, and critical management studies. He was given the Best Paper Award by The Society for the History of Management Theories in 2007.