Festival delivery type sake-filling service “Tsumetaro”

Regional revitalization - decline of sake popularity


Local festivals always sell beer. If visitors were able to drink local sake, wouldn’t that be great? Tsumetaro is a machine that fills cans with sake and can be rented to sake breweries throughout Japan. Local sake is canned on the spot, so people can easily enjoy sake.


Regional revitalization - decline of sake popularity

Japan abounds with enticing sake. But small breweries generally package it in a glass bottle. While this allows larger volumes and has a premium look, it tends to be heavy, making it difficult to enjoy at festivals and events or take home as a souvenir. How can we deliver local sake to a wider audience and share its appeal? This challenge seeks to curb declining sake popularity among youth and foster regional revitalization.


Festival delivery type sake-filling service

Filling a can instead of a glass bottle reduces both size and pricing.

Sake felt rather distant. With canned sake, size and price were reduced while original designs appealed to youth. Sake cans also serve as souvenirs at festivals for summer, fireworks, snow, fall leaves, and cherry blossoms. This spreads the appeal of local sake, thus promoting regional revitalization.

Filling machine rental. No capital investment needed.

The filling machine can be transported by truck to be installed in the filling space of sake breweries. All you need to do is connect it to the sake storage tank, so there is no need for capital investment. It can also accommodate small lots of original designs and be used to test market sake cans.

Filling ability of 20 cans per minute, 1200 cans per hour.

We harnessed the technology of the Toyo Seikan Group for high-pace filling, at 1200 cans per hour, or 7200 cans in six hours. The machine is 1.2 meters wide and 3 meters high. If you have the space to install and operate the machine, you can start filling and selling immediately.

Connect to an AR app to create a package that pops out.

When linked to the smartphone app “Package watcher” the package pops with video, 3DCG, animation, and/or music. It’s possible to stream a firework festival for example, so the consumer can enjoy sake while indulging in the mood of the festival afterward. It also makes a great gift.


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