The Toyo Seikan Group launches

Innovation projects that ambitiously aim to use packaging to resolve various social issues

The Toyo Seikan Group, which was founded over a century ago, is launching the “OPEN UP! PROJECT” with the aim of utilizing its accrued technical strengths and expertise to innovate and resolve the issues of individuals.
The group has always conscientiously addressed existing issues that change with the times and consistently pursues packaging innovation, resulting in inventions such as Japan’s first automatic can maker, paper cups for ice cream, and the world’s first retort pouches.
Today, the era is shifting from the “era of the mass” where people sought the same things, food, and lifestyles, to an “era of individuals” where they seek their own chosen lifestyles. To shape the next century amid this, the Toyo Seikan Group will innovate by looking beyond the masses to address the needs and issues of individuals at greater granularity, aiming to create a more abundant society.

The message in our logo design

We used the egg as a motif to express the anticipation of inventions produced by “open(ing) up!” By layering this with lines that are rainbow-colored, which are also the image colors of the Toyo Seikan Group, we render a sense of movement that the egg wrapping everything is ready to break and hatch. The Mobius loop is a symbol of the group and expresses the cycle of production–filling/packaging-distribution-consumption-collection/recycling and represents a never-ending quest with passion and persistence to bring reality closer to the ideal. The egg-shaped loop used in the project logo symbolizes our continuous challenge of taking on new tasks in an effort to open up a brighter future.